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How a Trip Planning website can help you grow your Brand

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

n today’s fast-paced world, people are always on the lookout for quick and efficient ways to plan their trips. With an abundance of trip planning websites on the internet, many travelers rely on these and social media accounts to get the information they need to have a great time, with no unpleasant surprises (like finding out about a visa requirement upon arrival at the airport).

But now, in the age of personalization, travel and tourism companies are taking destination content a leap further with the help of AI. By taking advantage of the latest technology, your brand can offer customers information that caters to their exact needs and interests, so they can plan a trip with complete ease and experience the best of what the destination has to offer them.

Keep reading to learn about the best kind of trip planner on the market and how providing this service can help you grow your business by leaps and bounds.

Why offer a trip planner on your company’s website?

Whether your company is an airline, hotel, OTA or another kind of travel-related business, you’re surely aware of the importance of having a good website in turning leads into conversions. So you may be wondering if adding a trip planner could crowd your website or distract from the services you offer.

We’re here to tell you: adding content that helps clients plan their trips directly to your website is one of the best things you can do for your brand. Let’s go over why that is, then look at some case studies.

1. Boost user experience

Providing trip planning content on your main website means that users won’t have to dig around or open a million tabs to find what they’re looking for. By incorporating UX principles into the design of your travel content, you can be sure that future customers will feel relaxed while browsing the page, and not overwhelmed by big blocks of uninterrupted text.

Smartvel’s trip planner, for instance, offers several functionalities that improve user experience. The guide updates automatically, so customers can be sure none of the events they’re interested in have passed. Navigation of the planner is intuitive and attractions can be filtered by location, date, and preferences.

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