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Empowering Growth,
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As the go-to content-as-a-service provider, we empower our clients
with standout top-tier content across all channels, sectors, and types.


Smartvel was founded in 2013 with a clear focus on being a tech and product company. Over the years, we have faced challenges, including the “death valley” of cash scarcity in the early days, and the impact of the Covid crisis. However, we successfully navigated these hurdles and expanded our portfolio with a valuable product.

Today, we are a mature MarTech company specializing in Customer Experience and SEO. We achieve this through AI-powered digital solutions and meaningful content, resulting in increased sales and brand recognition throughout the customer journey.

We take pride in our team of over 50 employees, with our headquarters based in Madrid. We extend a warm welcome to visit us in person, although the vast majority of our meetings are conducted online (99.9%).

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